The Doddington Estate is open to the public on specific days each year, including the Heritage Open Days national event in September. The Hall itself is the subject of a major restoration project, so access is currently unavailable.

The outside of The Hall will be open to the public
between 10.00 and 14.00 on the following days:
  • Saturday 13th April
  • Sunday 14th April
  • Saturday 11th May
  • Sunday 12th May
  • Saturday 8th June
  • Sunday 9th June
  • Saturday 13th July
  • Sunday 14th July
  • Saturday 10th August
  • Sunday 11th August

  • Thursday 19th September
  • Friday 20th September
  • Saturday 21th September
  • Sunday 22th September

(the above four dates as part of the National Heritage Open Days Event)

Winter Openings

From October to March each winter, access can be arranged by appointment only.


There is parking available in front of the Hall with access from the main entrance on the A51.


Please contact the estate manager, Bruce Johnston at:
T: 01270 820263

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